Live and on-demand classes, on and off the bike

BODi gives you access to hundreds of studio classes, at every fitness level, led by world-class instructors.

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Premiere cycling classes on your schedule

Choose classes based on level, length, and type. Every workout features speed, cadence, distance, and heart rate metrics to optimize your workouts and track your progress.

A whole new world of workouts off the bike

Cross-training and recovery are the keys to a successful and sustainable workout program. Get access to a wide variety of classes, from cardio to yoga, strength training to meditation.

Interactive fitness like never before

Using the Sony MegaPixel 8 camera on the swiveling tablet, you can easily join the live BODcast to see yourself on-screen with others working out. Get personalized tips and shout-outs from trainers in real time that’ll keep you moving and motivated.

Coach on set during a live fitness class

Expert trainers focused on YOU

Get world-class customized instruction from the most inspirational and trusted personal trainers, right in the comfort of your own home—or on-the-go.

Let’s get personal

Right out of the box, your heart rate-based fitness experience is customized to help you work out most efficiently for your age.

But age-based training isn’t enough. The Zone Calibration Ride measures your individual cardiovascular fitness, then creates three customized heart rate zones for you to move through. That way, every workout you do is personalized to YOU.

Then our trainers guide you through your three personalized zones to make every workout efficient and effective. Plus they keep you motivated over time — and help you have some fun along the way.

Stream on your BODi Bike, TV, laptop, or mobile app

Stream BODi on your bike and other favorite devices.

Find your favorite class

All fitness levels

From beginner to expert, find classes specifically designed for wherever you’re at.

5-minute to 1-hour workouts

Whether you’re looking for a quick session or to break a major sweat, BODi has your back.

Train with or without equipment

Classes may feature body weight, dumbbells, resistance loops, chairs, and more.

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